The autodidact artist Tatjana Lee did choose the face as main focus in her pictures, since being essential in communication and expressing personal feelings. At first glance these faces seem to be general, threatening or curious, express spirit or danger. The process of painting influences the final expression, the mode, in which said faces meet us. Tatjana Lee´s paintings are composed of many layers in acryl or oil - often she decides on expressive colors as further means to show the feelings, the inner world and the soul. Colors running down to the lower bottom of the canvas underline spontaneity and abstraction. Beyond that Tatjana Lee is most interested in the reception by the spectator. Herewith she prefers children, as those tend to show their hearts and the truth more frankly. A contrary title should increase the willingness to think of the seen subject-matter. According to the artist, a face is the most essential element for characterizing the identity of a human-being and works like a platform to tell us something about the inner "ego". Therefore she succeeds in revealing the facets of being and the inner identity of a human-being. The spectator is invited to complete missing parts accordingly. Thus he himself turns out to create an identity on the basis of the picture admired.

Dr. Hermann Schifferer, curator