About Tatjana Lee

I was born 1972 in Munich, Germany. With a Korean mother and a German father, I had the opportunity to grow up influenced by two different cultures. After my doctorate in human medicine and trainings in corporate design and web design (Media Design University of Munich), I finally got to the visual arts.

2008 – 20014 I worked as a media and web designer. This was not only a time of searching but of studying as well. I experimented with digital and analog media (image editing, cutting plotter, acrylic paint, Korean ink ...), two-dimensional and three-dimensional materials (canvas, Tyvek, silk cocoons, resin ...) and different techniques (painting, casting, writing, drawing...). Man and the human face were already my central theme.

Until 2014 a tension had developed out of this steady growing, subliminal, inner movement. It forced me to accept the artistic endeavors as essential part of myself. As a consequence, I exclusively focused on visual arts and academic advanced training of my painting skills. This was followed by the founding of a studio, a founding of an artists’ group and several exhibitions.

I see art as a universal language to connect people beyond space, time and cultures.

The focus of my artistic work is “identity”:

Being half Korean and half German, my identity develops both externally and internally in the tension field of two very different cultures.

The study of human medicine revealed the changes in the external identity of the human body during injury, illness, and death. It gave me knowledge about the physiology and psychology of man and aroused the question as to how far inner and external identity interacted - mutually influence each other.

Most important of all, as mother of three wonderful daughters I am witness and companion on their adventure of seeking and discovering their own identity.

I chose the face as a central focus of my work for it is an important part of human identity. It is an essential medium to become conscious of oneself and to constitute the inner identity to the outside. It is the material manifestation of the inner identity.

An interaction of our external and internal "identity", transmitted through this medium - our face, has an unconscious effect on our fellow human beings. It is mirrored and thrown back by the other individual, thus influencing our own identity, our striving for individuality and belonging. Our facial expressions enable a subconscious, unadulterated communication beyond cultures and species that cannot be evaded.

In my paintings, I dissolve the externality of the faces, sometimes more times less. I show facets of the being and reveal parts of the inner identity. The observer is internally challenged to interpret missing and deformed parts of the face. He becomes the creator of his own identity, which is based on his current emotional world. Thus, the viewer becomes part of the work of art.

I am aiming to draw the viewers’ attention to the hidden facets of his own inner identity through my work to and to trigger a positive development through this awareness.

Tatjana Lee


Solo Shows

  • 2018 Kultüren Neuhausen
  • 2018 Identities - Facettes of Being, Trafo, Munich
  • 2017 Identity, Kultüren Neuhausen
  • 2017 Free Your Mind, Städtische Galerie Pfaffenhofen
  • 2015 Reflections, City hall Ilmmünster

Group Shows

  • 2019 Unter Wasser, BBK Ingolstadt Obb. Nord, Harderbastei
  • 2019 61. Kunst im Amt, Finanzamt Pfaffenhofen
  • 2019 26. Aichacher Kunstpreis, Art Society Aichach
  • 2018 Freiheit, Hallertauer Künstler, Städtische Galerie Pfaffenhofen
  • 2017 Tête À Tête, Gallery Z22, Berlin
  • 2017 Bagabonds, Red Nose Day, Lahti, Finland
  • 2017 Natürlich, Hallertauer Künstler, Städtische Galerie Pfaffenhofen
  • 2016 Angst und Mut, Gruppe M3plus, Kultüren Neuhausen
  • 2015 Man - Nature - Animal, Gruppe M3plus, Schlossmuseum Pavillon Ismaning
  • 2014 Encounters, BVS Lauingen

Art Fairs

  • 2018 C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr
  • 2018 Art Salzburg Contemporary

Public Purchases

  • Collection Schlossmuseum Ismaning


  • 2018 BBK Ingolstadt, Oberbayern Nord

Art Project "Bagabonds"

  • 2017 Germany, Austria, Portugal, Finland
  • 2016 Southkorea, Germany, Turkey