Mind Your Mind


80cm x 60cm
acryl on canvas

The image "mind your mind!" communicates subconsciously, challenges the viewer to confront the induced reflection in his own inner life, in order to allow it or to defend himself against it. The two emotional impulses displayed create an inner conflict. Depending on in what mood the image is viewed, one or the other expression of the face displayed appears dominant and confirms the inner attitude of the beholder. Whereas a conscious change of perspective gives more weight to the other expression of the face and influences the viewers attitude with feedback.

"mind your mind!" is an artwork which confuses at first sight. It emphasizes the conflict between consciousness and subconsciousness and demands a conscious decision. "Take care of your mind!" is a call to face the various influences of todays times on our state of mind and way of thinking through media, political parties, religion, friends and social networks. It shows that it is worthwhile to look at different perspectives of a topic, then consciously decide and if necessary also to change your attitude.


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