Patricia Petapermal – Tatjana Lee

Patricia Petapermal und Tatjana Lee

PETALEE is an intercultural artist group between the Franco-Indian artist Patricia Petapermal and the German-Korean artist Tatjana Lee. The female artist duo paints with a unique concept for visual artists.

By exchanging the canvases in the first stages of development and by constant spiritual and academical exchange during the collaboration, particularly powerful images are created.

Guiding principle: Their creative work focuses on the human being and the relationship with his environment and his fellow human beings. Because of the intercultural background of the painters, the main emphasis lies on the topic "identity". They see art as an universal medium of communication that has the power to overcome cultural, temporal and spatial boundaries. Through their images, they want to promote dialogue between people, open up new perspectives and support diversity.

Working method: The process of creating a work is very intuitive at the beginning. Each artist grabs the colors and writes, drips or paints on the canvas. Afterwards, the canvas is changed and the painters look for inspiration in the created structures of the others and work out elements of it. During this process an exchange arises between the visual impressions and the subconscious thoughts of the creators and a first idea for the work begins to form. After this creative seed has been planted in the work, it goes back to the original painter. In several repetitions of these destructive and creative cycles, a unique work with two visions blossoms on one canvas.