A. I., Acryl on Canvas, 2019, 120 x 160 cm, 8900,- €

A. I.

As the advancement of artificial intelligence progresses, the increased use of algorithms threatens more and more the diversity of our world. Algorithms are the basis on which the identity of an artificial intelligence builds. A key concern then is whether this identity will develop positively or negatively and so could pose a danger to humans. According to which criteria does artificial intelligence decide in a situation, where no right nor wrong exists? Will an autonomous vehicle protect the pedestrian from a collision and drive against a wall or will it run over the pedestrian to save the driver?
The painting shows the standardized children's head of an artificial intelligence and deals with the questions: Is there a time of innocent childhood for artificial intelligences or are they always innocent? Capacity for guilt presupposes an intentional act of its own accord, but this requires the formation of an identity. But where does identity start?

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